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Old Time Radio Researchers GroupThe Singles and Doubles Collection: Single Episodes T-Z

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This is a work in progress. This OTRR Collection is a Non-Certified one, containing series in which currently only one or two episodes are known to exist -- hence the name: "Singles and Doubles Collection". Almost every type genre is included.

Radio -- called by some The Theater of the Mind -- has been with us since 1920 when stations WWJ of Detroit and KDKA of Pittsburg made the first regular commercial broadcasts. The first program aimed at entertaining the unseen audience followed close behind.

Over the years since then, literally thousands of series have been broadcast nationally and thousands more in regional or local markets. Some endured for a few years, others for 20 or 30, and some unfortunately only had one episode broadcast. Of those thousands, some series saw some of their episodes saved for the future, some saw nearly all and others only one or two episodes.

While the goal of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group is to preserve radios past by collecting, and archiving as many different series as possible and making them available to the community, we do not want to let the series that only had a minimum number of episodes to survive go unpreserved for future generations.

To that end we have put together this unique collection of series. Most of the programs you will find here will be totally unfamilar to you, but they are informative and entertaining none the less.

This is the second version of this collection that we have released. Since the first collection new broadcasts have surfaced, and others will undoubtely be found in the future. When and if that occurs, we will release a version three.

From comedy to drama to cooking shows to music, you'll hear it all here, and every episode will be unique and different. They run the gamut, from the middle 20s to the early 70s, all showing us a glimpse of the past, when things were slower and families gathered round the radio each evening. Times when each person was hearing the same thing, but created a different picture in their minds of what the characters looked like, the scenery, location, and most important the sounds. Sounds that each found a different meaning in, but one that entertained, educated, and made the world a smaller place, where you could hear those stories that in the past were told to just a few, gathered round the dinner table, at a campfire, or in small audiences, but now the whole world could hear and enjoy.

Some of these episodes may be misnamed or misdated. If you find such, please let us know. Additionally there may be some dead air space at the beginning or ending of some episodes. This is not one of our certified sets, it is being provided as a way to obtain those series in which only one or two shows have survived.

This page contains Series beginning with the letters T through Z.

A text file containing a list of the MP3 files found on this page appears near the bottom of the page.

From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

This audio is part of the collection: Old Time Radio
It also belongs to collection: Radio Programs

Artist/Composer: Old Time Radio Researchers Group
Keywords: OTRR; Old Time Radio Researchers Group; Old Time Radio; OTRR Single Episodes; OTRR Updated Release; OTRR Collection; Singles and Doubles; Singles & Doubles; The Singles and Doubles Collection; The Singles & Doubles Collection; Singles and Doubles Collection, The; Singles & Doubles Collection, The; 1920s; 1930s; 1940s; 1950s; 1960s; 1970s; 1928; 1929; 1930; 1931; 1932; 1933; 1934; 1935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939; 1940; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945; 1946; 1947; 1948; 1949; 1950; 1951; 1952; 1953; 1954; 1955; 1956; 1957; 1958; 1959; 1960; 1961; 1962; 1963; 1965; 1966; 1968; 1974; OTRR - 2008-06

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States



This is a production of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group located at Old Time Radio Researchers Website and the Old Time Radio Researchers Group.

If you are interested in preserving old time radio, you may wish to join the Old Time Radio Researchers Group at Yahoo.

This is a portion of the OTRR Non Certified Collection -- it has not gone through the entire OTRR Certification process. The entire Collection can be found at Non Certified Set.

Relax, listen, and enjoy!

OTRR Definitions:

OTRR Certified Accurate -- A series that is Certified Accurate indicates that all the episodes are properly identified and labeled but that the series does not contain all known extant episodes.

OTRR Certified Complete -- A series that is Certified Complete is the highest level of certification available under the OTRR Certified Standards. This certification level implies that all the files in the series are Certified Accurate but also indicates that the series is as complete as possible -- it includes all extant episodes.

OTRR Non-Certified -- A collection of shows that have not gone through the OTRR Certification process.

Individual Files

Whole Item FormatSize
[generated M3U] M3U Stream 
[generated 40Kbps MP3 ZIP] 40Kbps MP3 ZIP Stream 
[generated 32Kbps MP3 ZIP] 32Kbps MP3 ZIP Stream 
[generated 48Kbps MP3 ZIP] 48Kbps MP3 ZIP Stream 
[generated 64Kbps MP3 ZIP] 64Kbps MP3 ZIP Stream 
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Audio Files 40Kbps MP3 32Kbps MP3 48Kbps MP3 64Kbps MP3 128Kbps MP3 80Kbps MP3 VBR MP3 160Kbps MP3 16Kbps MP3 24Kbps MP3
1001 Wives - Episode Titled 'Lorn O'Donnell' 7.9 MB 
13th Juror - Episode Titled 'Whatever Happened To John Wilkes Booth?' 6.2 MB 
Tom Powers Life Stories - Radio Tower 3.2 MB 
Ziegfield Follies Of The Air - First Show 14.0 MB 
Tim & Irene 9.8 MB 
Then And Now - First Episode 12.9 MB 
Texaco Town Summer Revue - Fathers Day 8.2 MB 
Tales From Harlem 5.3 MB 
Other People's Lives 13.4 MB 
True or False - Postal Clerks Vs League of Women Voters 6.4 MB 
WGN Special - The Nutcracker Suite 7.0 MB 
Town Crier 38xxxx Xxx Salute To James Barrie 22.9 MB 
Tippo, The Old Circus Clown - Crazy Luke 6.2 MB 
Tribute To Their Majesties 13.2 MB 
John O'Donnell News 4.2 MB 
Americans At Work 2.8 MB 
We Want A Touchdown - Colgate VS NYU 6.6 MB 
39xxxx - Audition #01 7.0 MB 
Tales of Uncle Remus 6.4 MB 
1930s - #069 (cleaned) 8.1 MB 
1930s - #070 (cleaned) 8.0 MB 
Theater Of Famous Radio Players - Madam Exposed 6.9 MB 
Theater Of Famous Radio Players - You Can't Argue With Love 6.7 MB 
Texas Hall Of Fame - First Song - Parade of the Wooden Soldiers 13.4 MB 
Your Treat 8.5 MB 
Your Treat - First Song - Deep Night 8.4 MB 
40-xx-xxepxxxxWatchmanThe-Audition.mp3 6.1 MB 
Northwest Mounted Police 3.2 MB 
40-xx-xxepxxxxWonderfulWileys-Audition.mp3 6.5 MB 
Yiddish Melodies in Swing 4.0 MB 
Three Strikes, You're Out 16.7 MB 
Three Strikes, You're Out 16.3 MB 
Latitude Zero - First Show 25.9 MB 
Tony Wons Scrapbook 6.4 MB 
Waltz Time - First Song - A Madrigal Of May 7.2 MB 
World's Best - The Room without a Door 26.4 MB 
Treasury Hour - Guest - Robert Montgomery 26.3 MB 
We Hold These Truths 13.7 MB 
Three Sheets To The Wind - Sultan's Curse 6.4 MB 
What Are We Fighting For - What Pearl Harbor Means To Me 5.4 MB 
This Nation At War - Victory Ships 6.4 MB 
WOR Summer Theater - The Mystery Of The Perfect Throw From Left Field And The Conga Dancer's Aunt 8.0 MB 
Victory Theater - Amos And Andy 6.8 MB 
To Fly With A Fighting Navy 6.3 MB 
Victory Belles 6.6 MB 
Bandwagon - Guest - The Chico Marx Orchestra 13.4 MB 
Busy Mr Bingle - Miss Pepper's Getting Married 14.0 MB 
43-09-23epxxxxYouTellEm.mp3 25.8 MB 
Your Daytime Radio Newspaper 3.5 MB 
43xxxx - Special Services #21 1st song: 17.1 MB 
What's New - Host - Cecil B DeMille 13.7 MB 
Three Of A Kind 6.8 MB 
Your Weight In Gold 7.1 MB 
Waltz Time - First Song - Sure Thing 6.7 MB 
Goodyear Theater 7.2 MB 
Your Army Service Forces 6.6 MB 
This Changing World (44-08-22) 3.4 MB 
You Can't Take It With You 7.1 MB 
Two On A Clue - The Case Of The Silent Witness 5.0 MB 
44-10-xxepxxxxTheresAlwaysThatGuy-NightAtTheMovies.mp3 2.9 MB 
Liberation 3.9 MB 
Liberation 13.1 MB 
Music America Loves Best 7.3 MB 
44-xx-xxepxxxxTheresAlwaysThatGuy-UncleDan.mp3 3.2 MB 
1944 Where Does Love Begin 5.2 MB 
Yanks In The Orient 3.5 MB 
Sunday Serenade 115.9 MB 
450504 wgn transcription dis 6.7 MB 
Wishing Well - First Song - I Promise You 12.9 MB 
Wishing Well - First Song - I Begged Her 6.1 MB 
Walgreens 44th Birthday 13.6 MB 
The Bullock's Show - Universe on Parade 6.8 MB 
That's My Pop 7.0 MB 
Talent Theater - Guest Jack Statham 6.8 MB 
Between the Bookends 3.2 MB 
What's Your Idea? 27.5 MB 
Whisper Men - Rose Gilman Is Murdered 9.9 MB 
46-02-06epxxxxYouCanBeAnActor.mp3 7.1 MB 
Those Mad Masters - Dreams He Is Champ 6.7 MB 
Get That Story 8.1 MB 
World Of Rosalind Marlowe - Audition 3.9 MB 
Tommy Riggs & Betty Lou Show 8.3 MB 
The Tommy Dorsey Show - Guest - Duke Ellington 13.3 MB 
Western Trails 10.5 MB 
Take It From There - 11.5 MB 
Western Stars - Guest Sally Foster 16.7 MB 
Hollywood Players - Rebecca 7.2 MB 
Win Place Or Show - Guest - Agnes Hamilton 13.5 MB 
46-xx-xxepxxxxWordsWithMusic-GiftOfTheMagi.mp3 3.5 MB 
Your Date With Deb - First Song - Give Me Five Minutes More 28.3 MB 
Your Land And Mine 6.6 MB 
Your Land And Mine 3.2 MB 
U S Postal Inspector 6.5 MB 
Walgreen Hour - 470327 - Bob H 2.5 MB 
The Time, The Place, The Tune 6.8 MB 
Tony Martin Show 13.2 MB 
Voice Of Freedom 6.3 MB 
Play's The Thing, The 6.7 MB 
Treasury Agent - The Faithful Wife 6.7 MB 
Tex Benneke-Glenn Miller Orchestra 5.4 MB 
What's Doing Ladies - Definition of a good Housewife 11.2 MB 
Virginia Greg - Audition 4.0 MB 
Young At Heart - Treasure Island 7.4 MB 
What the Name Song Pt 1 3.6 MB 
Tony Awards - Antoinette Perry Arwards 3.2 MB 
Joseph Enos 4.1 MB 
Crossword Quiz 6.7 MB 
Tillanook Kitchen 6.0 MB 
Voice In The Night - The Necklace 6.9 MB 
Voice Of The Nation 13.5 MB 
Your Home Town Reporter - Audition 3.3 MB 
You Can Be A Star - First Contestant - Edgar Von Falconberg 25.2 MB 
Quizathon 6.8 MB 
Who Said That 8.5 MB 
Tales Of Fatima - A Much Expected Murder 27.3 MB 
Tales Of Fatima - Time To Kill 27.1 MB 
This Is Paris - Guest - Eddie Cantor 12.2 MB 
Wendy Warren And The News 13.5 MB 
Tell Your Neighbor 6.7 MB 
Humphrey Bogart Presents (Audition) 6.9 MB 
Me & Janie 6.8 MB 
VFW Golden Jubilee Show - Guest - Dinah Shore 6.7 MB 
4X-XX-XX 24.6 MB 
4x-xx-xxepxxxxTreasuryDepartmentPledgeDrive-KnockattheDoor.mp3 26.5 MB 
Texas Tyler 2.3 MB 
Wizard Of Odds, The 6.8 MB 
Up For Parole - Case Of John Newton 6.8 MB 
50-04-15epxxxxWelcomeBackBaseball.mp3 18.1 MB 
What's With Herbert - Guest Phil Foster 6.4 MB 
Wanted - Cop Killer Of The West 6.7 MB 
Sports Digest 27.5 MB 
Welcome Travelers - Mr & Mrs Tobel 26.3 MB 
Wilkins Amateur Hour 28.0 MB 
50-xx-xxepxxxxWhatsMyLine-FirstGuestIsACircusStrongman.mp3 5.6 MB 
This Is Our Heritage 8.0 MB 
Win Your Spurs 12.6 MB 
Violence - The Case Of Arthur Bowman 6.7 MB 
Through The Opera Glass - Carmen 5.7 MB 
This Is O'Shea 7.0 MB 
Time For Love - The Foreign Agent (2) 5.9 MB 
53-04-12epxxxxWelcomeTravelers.mp3 8.4 MB 
Walter O'Keefe's Americana - Audition 14.4 MB 
Three Pairs And An Ace - First Song - Stumblin' 12.5 MB 
You Can't Win - Maharaja's Millions 11.6 MB 
Tomorrow 16.7 MB 
Fifth Row Center - Episode Titled 'Model Princess' 8.9 MB 
Left Finger, Third Hand 6.7 MB 
You Win 13.0 MB 
Voices Of Vista - Woody Allen 27.5 MB 
Voices Of Vista - Mable Mercer 27.8 MB 
Tribute To Tex Ritter 89.5 MB 
7FrontStreet47-09-25SoapOperaFirstHalfofShow.mp3 17.5 MB 
7 Front Street - Sheik 6.9 MB 
Till The Day I Die 6.6 MB 
Zorro, Adventures Of 2.8 MB 
xx-xx-xxep0003ThrillHunter-GhostInTheCemetery.mp3 9.3 MB 
Zorro, Adventures Of (2) 2.8 MB 
AFRTS #125 (cleaned) 14.4 MB 
xx-xx-xxep0280TributeToTheDairyIndustry-GuestBobHope.mp3 3.3 MB 
Tales of the Seven Seas - The Man who Made Knives 3.4 MB 
Ghost Dance on the Punch Bowl, The 3.5 MB 
One Ditch the Menehune Built 3.4 MB 
xx-xx-xxepxxxxTennesseeErnieFord-Audition1.mp3 3.4 MB 
xx-xx-xxepxxxxTennesseeErnieFord-Audition2.mp3 2.8 MB 
xx-xx-xxepxxxxThreeforAdventure-RoundhouseRosieepAudition.MP3 5.4 MB 
Hal Kemp & His Orch. 11.0 MB 
xx-xx-xxepxxxxTimesSquare-Auditionep2.mp3 7.8 MB 
To Stars And Stripes 3xxxxx Xxx The Story Of George Washington 24.4 MB 
Unknown Episode 2.5 MB 
xx-xx-xxepxxxxTonightInHollywood-Guest-LucilleBall.mp3 6.6 MB 
xx-xx-xxepxxxxTrainTime-Audition.mp3 7.0 MB 
xx-xx-xxepxxxxTrobriandTheAdventurer-HeadHunters.mp3 6.1 MB 
Trouble Is My Business 12.7 MB 
WGN Barndance 12.0 MB 
xx-xx-xxepxxxxWildBillElliot-TheMysteryOfTheVanishingStag.mp3 4.9 MB 
Twinkle 3.8 MB 
xx-xx-xxepxxxxWorldsGreatestMysteries-BerlinSniper.mp3 6.5 MB 
xx-xx-xxepxxxxWorldsGreatestMysteries-JackTheRipper.mp3 7.6 MB 
Image Files JPEG
Singles and Doubles 67.5 KB 
Information FormatSize
Singles_And_Doubles_Singles_T-Z_files.xml Metadata [file] 
Singles_And_Doubles_Singles_T-Z_meta.xml Metadata 6.3 KB 
Singles_And_Doubles_Singles_T-Z_reviews.xml Metadata 4.9 KB 
Other Files Text Archive BitTorrent Unknown
Singles and Doubles MP3 File Listing: T-Z 8.8 KB 
Singles_And_Doubles_Singles_T-Z_archive.torrent 73.9 KB 
Singles_And_Doubles_Singles_T-Z_rules.conf 7.0 B 

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Downloaded 14,540 times
Average Rating: 4.33 out of 5 stars4.33 out of 5 stars4.33 out of 5 stars4.33 out of 5 stars4.33 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: nightkey5 - - June 24, 2013
Subject: errors
49-07-01epxxxxWendyWarrenAndTheNews.mp3 should be dated 49-06-17


Latitude Zero - First Show is Tony Wons' Scrapbook


Tillanook Kitchen should be Tillamook Kitchen


Todays Children.mp3 s/b dated 49-05-09. 4 available in mp3

Wanted - Cop Killer Of The West - at least 6 available in mp3


46-09-04 Western Trails.mp3 s/b Western Stars


5 episode of Adventures of Zorro available at
Reviewer: robertsradio - 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars - July 29, 2011
Subject: A good collection
Your Humphrey Borgart Audition program is actually
a Bob Trendler program which was broadcast from the studios of WGN radio sometime around the late 1940's. Bob recently passed away this past July 2011 at the age of 99
Reviewer: Dodsworth the Cat - - December 21, 2008
Subject: Wizard of Odds Isn't
This is a Leave it to Joan show from Jan. 20, 1950. A fine cast. Joe Kearns plays the father, Shirley Mitchell as Penny, Willard Waterman as Mr. Hackaday and guest star Al Jolson tossing out some pretty funny ad-libs.
The show was originally a CBS summer replacement series that debuted on Monday, July 11, 1949. The line-up introduced that night began with "Young Love," a comedy starring Janet Waldo and Jimmy Lydon revealing the tribulations of a secretly married couple attending a college which forbids student marriages. "Leave It To Joan" aired next. It was followed by "Breakfast With Burrows", written, produced and directed by comedian Abe Burrows. In previous programs, Burrows confined the cast to one person, himself. His new show found him surrounded with all sorts of characters. CBS' new Monday summer line-up concluded with "Straw Hat Concerts," featuring light concert and operetta music.
Reviewer: Razzilla - - September 9, 2008
Subject: errors found
These two in The Adventures of Zorro


are not singles or doubles... At least 4 shows can be found online...

Also Take It Or Leave it is from 42-11-08 Football teams... There's at least five available from this series available...

48-02-18epxxxxWhattheNameSongPt1.mp3 s/b titled What's the Name Of that Song
Reviewer: Mr Filow - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - July 1, 2008
Subject: Thank you!!
"Thanks for the effort, and thanks for a collection that deserves four stars simply for being available for all of us."
Reviewer: OTRRArchive - - June 10, 2008
Subject: MP3 Tags vs File Names
"When you start to download (i.e., save as), you'll get the correct name or topic."

FYI: If a file has an MP3 title tag, that automatically appears on the page instead of the file name.

A nice little feature of the Internet Archive, but that means that the file name and the MP3 tags embeddd within the file both should be correct!
Reviewer: XMinusOne - 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars - May 18, 2008
Subject: A large collection of forgotten and/or short-lived shows
As usual, with a collection this large there will be a few mis-named shows, something that's entirely able to be lived with. When you start to download (i.e., save as), you'll get the correct name or topic. While several people will comment or complain that there are errors that should be corrected and made right, you know what? I simply appreciate the opportunity to listen to shows that might otherwise not be available. Thanks for the effort, and thanks for a collection that deserves four stars simply for being available for all of us.

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